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  • High quality continuing education to improve staff performance, patient outcomes, and reimbursement
  • Significant discounts vs. single subscriptions for groups of 5 professionals or more
  • Customize your program with multiple course formats and flexible payment options

Is Summit Group Learning Right for You?

Do you have 5 or More Professionals in Your Organization Who Need Continuing Education Credits?

We offer significant discounts vs single subscriptions for groups of 5 professionals or more. Our Group Learning plans are a perfect fit to meet the continuing education needs of:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical rehab facilities
  • Home health organizations
  • Outpatient organizations
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Child development organizations

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Provide CE for Your Team Without Sacrificing Quality... and Save Money!

We are committed to driving professional excellence for allied health and child development professionals by delivering high quality, high impact live and online course content. Courses taught by expert instructors give your team the knowledge needed to get the outcomes you want. That's why our average customer satisfaction rating for all courses taught is 4.7 out of 5.0.

Also, since no organization we work with is exactly the same, we work closely with you and our instructors to create customizable and flexible training options when appropriate - another way that we provide excellent value in continuing education without sacrificing quality.

And Summit is the only continuing education provider that offers unlimited annual Live and Online course attendance for one low price - with the Summit "All Access" Subscription.

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Drive Outstanding Outcomes

  • Attract and retain the best professionals to give your organization a competitive edge. Whether you provide CE to your professionals at no cost or just want to provide a higher quality, lower cost option for your employees, we can work with you to create the right program
  • Improve staff performance by giving each member of your team the same learning opportunities, creating consistency of execution and uniform application in timing that works for you. We can even create courses to address challenges specific to your organization.

Save Time

  • Avoid the wasted hours of searching for courses by your staff, each of them duplicating the work of finding appropriate courses and validating the quality and value of each option considered
  • Avoid external travel to workshops for your professionals and instead bring continuing education conveniently right to your facility to optimize time working with patients
  • Whatever Group Learning options you choose with us, we give you the ability to receive the courses you want, in the timing you want, and as customizable as you need

Save Money

  • Whatever Group Learning option you choose with us, we offer significant discounts vs. individual purchases by your professionals
  • And if you are interested in our latest offering, the Summit "All Access" Subscription, you can receive an additional discount off of our already low individual subscriber price. That can save your employees up to 65% off their annual CE costs!

Summit's Group Learning Options for Your Organization

With these popular options, you can always find or create the right program for your organization.

Onsite Course

  • High impact customizable, live, hands-on courses hosted right at your facility
  • You pick the topic, we deliver the instructor and handle everything else

Online Group Course

  • Convenient, consistent learning at our lowest prices and in multiple formats including text and video
  • Your professionals can take as a group, or take individually at their own pace

Group Subscriptions

  • The only CE subscription including Live Courses
  • Unlimited CE for the next 12 months
  • One low price
  • Two plans: "All Access" and "Online Access"
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Group Learning Summary
Discounted Group Savings
Single Online Course Usage (150+ choices)
Customizable Live Onsite Course (100+ choices)
Unlimited Online Usage (150+ courses)
Unlimited Live Course Attendance (2,500+ U.S. workshops annually)

Group Learning Summary

Group Learning Summary
Online Group Courses Onsite Courses Group "Online Access" Group "All Access"
Discounted Group Savings
Single Online Course Usage (150+ choices)
Customizable Live Onsite Course (100+ choices)
Unlimited Online Usage (150+ courses)
Unlimited Live Course Attendance (2,500+ U.S. workshops annually)